30 Match Steak Dinner, Tuesday October 16th 6:30 PM @ HS Cafe.

This is Coach Curran checking in again, we will be having our Cedar Falls high school wrestling 30 Match Steak Dinner/ Pre-Season Wrestling Meeting next Tuesday, October 16th in the HS Café @ 6:30 PM. The CF wrestling program will be serving a sirloin steak to those wrestlers who competed in at least 30 matches this last offseason, all other wrestlers will be served hot dogs. The program will provide the steaks, hot dogs, buns and chips for the meeting but we do ask parents joining to bring a small side or desert to share.

Freshman/ Sophomore Parents- main side dish
Junior Parents- desert, main side or drinks

Senior Parents- drinks- water, juice, Gatorade/ Powerade, Pop

This meeting is meant to get everyone together to celebrate this year’s offseason success and talk about the upcoming 2018 / 2019 Cedar Falls Wrestling Season

Season Outlook, practice/ competition schedules 

Clothing Orders

Fundraising Tracker for Poster, Poster Picture date and time

CF Friends and Family Magnets ($35 membership)

Wrestling Activity Fee- $40

1st half of the season Practice and Competition schedules


Wrestlers please let me know if you achieved the 30+ match offseason goal. Parents please RSVP with # of people attending and what you plan on bringing even if you just say side dish so I can plan accordingly for additional needs. 

Coach Bryan Curran

Cedar Falls HS and CFWC Wrestling

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