Coach Ortner Parent Meet and Greet Sunday, September 9th in HS Cafe @ 6 PM

Wrestler/ Parent Meet and Greet is scheduled for this upcoming Sunday, September 9th in HS Café @ 6PM-7PM. This will be for athletes and their parents from 7-12th grades. Coach Ortner and staff will be talking Vision of the Program, upcoming Pre-season workout and wrestling schedules, brief Cedar Falls Wrestling Club opportunities for PK-8th grade wrestlers, and overall preparation for the upcoming season. Please come in through the back math entrance, inside the back gate by the football field. The program will be providing snacks and drinks. 

Lets see how many wrestlers and parents we can get there this Sunday, wrestlers I need you to pass the word and retweet this as many times as you can to get the word out!!

Success of the Program starts with you!!

One Program... One Vision... One Goal...

Bring back a State Wrestling Championship to Cedar Falls High School!

Coach Curran

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