Cedar Falls Wrestling, 3rd Annual Sturgis Falls Parade, Saturday 6/29 9:45pm @ Lincoln School downtown

3rd Annual, Cedar Falls Wrestling, Sturgis Falls Parade Clean-up, Saturday 6/29, 9:45am @ Lincoln School downtown-

Cedar Falls Wrestling has another great chance to give back to the community this week with the 3rd Annual Sturgis Falls Parade clean-up. It is a very special and simple community service project that shows we are not only building strong athletes and wrestlers in the Cedar Falls Wrestling program but great young members that are proud of themselves, their team, school, and their community and willing to give back!. Every member of the HS Cedar Falls Wrestling Program is expected to be there picking up trash with coaches and we encourage all CFWC members and families to join the tradition! Please make sure you are wearing Cedar Falls Wrestling apparel so the community knows we are there to help and support! We all need to meet on the south side of Lincoln School Saturday morning at 9:45am where we will get organized for the parade.

Please let Coach Ortner, chris.ortner@cfschools.org, or I know if you have any questions about either event See you tomorrow or Saturday!

Coach Curran

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