This Weekend January, 14th. RebelHawk Youth Tourney and Indy 5-8 Dual Team

I just wanted to send a quick update about this weekend's tournament options.

Most of our younger CFWC members will be going to the K-8 grade RebelHawk Youth Tournament in Reinbeck, Iowa. If you are interested in going please let Coach Curran know at so we can make sure we have coaches available. We will have coaches at each tournament but how many depends on CFWC members that are enter Please remember to get the pre-registration $5 discount, entry forms must be postmarked by today Wednesday January, 10th!

The other tournament option is Indy 5-8 Dual Team Tournament in Independence, Iowa. We have a dual team consisting of older wrestlers, 5-8 grades, with some younger wrestlers going along for possible exhibition matches. If your younger K-4 wrestler is interested in attending and possibly getting a few exhibition matches with other wrestlers their same age and weight let Coach Curran know as soon as possible.

Remember both tournaments are great options and we will have CFWC coaches at both events but we need to know if and which tournament your wrestler is planning on entering if we have not confirmed with you already.

Thanks, CFWC Coaches!