CFWC Sunday 12/16 Tournement @ Dike

Happy Saturday CFWC Parents!

CFWC Sunday Tournament- It looks like we will have 10-15 wrestlers competing at the Dike Tournament this weekend. Due to the large amount of CFWC wrestlers who wanted to go to Dike the CFWC staff has decided to send our coaches to the Dike Tournament instead of the CR Prairie tournament on Sunday 12/16. CFWC coaches will not be at the CR Prairie tournament due to the pure number of wrestlers attending the Dike Tournament, we will be sending coaching there. I will not be at either tournament this weekend but Coach KC will be at Dike around 12:45 as the first group completes weigh-ins. He will get the boys warmed up about 15 mins before wrestling starts for each group. Parents please feel free to help the coaches out by getting them to the warm up and them know what mat your wrestler is on so they know who is all there competing. 

CFWC Singlets-

Due to the issues with the singlets, the vendor has decided to remake the whole batch. They know we have already passed our these singlets but asked us to return the old singlets so they can determine what went wrong. We anticipate the new singlets in the next week but you will need to return the singlets as we hand out the new ones. Thanks for all of your patience on this. 

Go get them tomorrow!

Coach Curran