2018 Grandview Wrestling Camp, Saturday, June 9th

Wrestlers and Parents, don't miss out, get yourself or athlete signed up for the free Grandview Team Camp! Your wrestler will get an additional 4-7 matches in the 1 day dual team tournament. This tournament is free of charge with the Cedar Falls Wrestling Boosters picking up the tab. Please let Coach Curran know if you plan on attending ASAP.

When: June 9th Team Camp, June 4th -8th (prep practices for team camp) Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri @6:30 PM at USA Mat Club

Who: 2017/2018 8th-11th Grade Wrestlers

Where: 1200 Grandview Ave. Des Moines, IA 50316

Cost: FREE booster club is picking up the cost of this camp. (All can attend!)

What to Bring: Breakfast / lunch in cooler with water / Gatorade, singlet/ workout clothes, towel and shower stuff. Little cash in case we stop on the way home for dinner. 

Weight Classes: Athletes will be weight in after practice on Friday June 8th. Weight classes are High School weights plus 2 lbs (Please note weight classes are not important, the important part is the matches & mat time received)

Transportation: Meet at the Club at 6:30 AM on 6/9 to car pool to the camp. If any parents are going to the camp to watch & are available to help car pool please let me know

Coach Bryan Curran

Cedar Falls HS and CFWC Wrestling