Cedar Falls Wrestling Club 2018/2019 Wrap-UP


I wanted to thank everyone for a great CFWC wrestling 2018/2019 season! We would not have as successful of a season without the hard work, dedication, and support of the CFWC wrestlers and parents. We have seen so much support and growth in the CFWC these last 2 years it has been unbelievable. When we started the CFWC last year we wanted to create another opportunity for youth in the Cedar Falls area to learn about and get exposed to the sport of wrestling, we have definitely done that and much more. 

The CFWC has grown in numbers by over 25% from year 1 and 2, to just over 80 PK-8th wrestlers. CFWC coaches and wrestlers traveled to just over 10 competition events this season.  We had around 50 wrestlers compete in at least one competition this year, of those 50 we had 30 plus wrestlers compete in at least 3 competitions with several wrestlers participating at 3/4 of those 11 competitions. By the numbers the CFWC wrestlers chalked up over 500 matches in the 18/19 season. That 500 plus matches toward the future of the Cedar Falls Wrestling Program. This is where it begins, the future is bright for the Tiger Nation!

Thanks again to all of the wrestlers, coaches, and parents for making the 18/19 CFWC season so successful and we are looking forward to many more.

Look forward to offseason strength training and wrestling opportunities to come.

Coach Curran