Cedar Falls Wrestling Club (CFWC) Registration is Open, get signed up today!!

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Tiger Nation,

The 2019/2020 Cedar Falls Wrestling Club is just around the corner and registration is now open. Please go online https://cfwrestling.org/club and get your wrestler(s) registered and signed up for the 2019/2020 season. With our easy CC processing system you can pay for your wrestler(s) membership(s) the same time you register. You can also register your athlete and pay at a later date, please just make sure you are filling out all of the required information during registration; parent contact info, membership level, age, weight, etc. By going online and registering with all the required information this helps our program plan for resources and products needed this upcoming CFWC season.

The Cedar Falls Wrestling Program has decided to bring back the CFWC Tiger Basics Program (Bronze Level) this year. This program is designed for beginning wrestlers (PK-4th) interested in trying the sport of wrestling and those 1st or 2nd year wrestlers getting more comfortable in a structured practice, still needing time to get acclimated to the sport.

We think this will also benefit our CFWC Silver Club Members (PK-4th), little more experienced, get more 1 on 1 and focused time with the coaches to make bigger gains this upcoming season. Hopefully this will also give us more room to work with this group.

Our CFWC Gold Membership is designed for 4th-8th grade wrestlers. With our older group we start to prepare wrestlers for a more competitive, technical, and conditioned workouts. The goal is to get them prepared to perform at the next level, 7/8th and HS levels. We encourage just because your wrestler is out for middle school wrestling you get them signed up for the CFWC Gold Membership. This get them time with the current HS coaches and get a jump start on a way to the top of the podium!
If you have any questions about what membership your wrestlers should be at please don't hesitate to contact me at coach@cfwrestlingclub.org. We are a Cedar Falls Wrestling directly affiliated with the HS program designed to increase participation but also build the Cedar Falls Wrestling Family and support of the Cedar Falls Wrestling Program now and future!!

I apologize for the long email but we are very excited for the upcoming season and wanted to answer as many questions as possible, please pass this on to anyone you think may be interested. Look for CFWC Fliers near you!!

Coach Bryan Curran

Cedar Falls HS and CFWC Wrestling

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