November 24th/ 25th - Columbus Black Friday / Union Holiday Classic

The "CFWC" had another great weekend of competition. We had several wrestlers competing at multiple tournaments this last holiday weekend. As we continue through the season, we will continue to see better and better competition but our boys are up for the challenge. After a 5 way tie for 1st, the CFWC dropped to 4th via tiebreaker criteria of; falls, tech falls,  and majors. We were able to take another step forward and fix some things from last week's competition and I am very pleased with the progress. We can and will continue to improve on things but the drive, the motivation, and the pride of these boys will be the foundation of this program for years to come!

Coach Curran



Jackson Humpal, Caysen Curran, Ryley Barnett (2x)  


  Beckett Curran, Landon Wiechman, Aden Hanson

3rd Place-

Gavin Matthias, Maddox Curran

4th Place-

Levi Mayfield, Dominick Bagby, Landen Velazquez