RebelHawk Wrestling Tourney / Indee Mat Club 5-8 Team Duals

We had a great weekend of competition! We had around 20 CFWC members wrestling this past weekend in the RebelHawk youth tournament and the Indee Mat Club 5-8 Duals. Wrestlers from both tournaments wrestled between 3-5 matches on the day. We had a lot of tough matches but were able to improve from round to round, match to match. We had several athletes wrestle the most matches they have ever wrestled in one day on Sunday. It was a long day but the guys we were able to take some things away from it. Knowing 1 match now, win or lose, will help turn into 3-4 wins later helps these wrestlers keep coming back. Sunday was a bit rough on the boys both physically and mentally, but not once did they flinch or hold back. It gives the CFWC individuals  and the club as a whole technical things to work on and a level on which they need to strive for. Now that we have had some time to reflect its back to work!


RebelHawk Finishers:


Liam Wiechmann, Landon Wiechman


Jackson Humpal

3rd Place-

Phoenix Bloome, Ledger Bloome


Indee Mat Club 5-8 Duals-

4th Place Team finish

Hogan Fuessel, Nolan Farmer, Landen Velazquez, Xander Bates, Kyle Campbell, Isaac Steffen, Braeden Farmer, Aden Hanson, Tyler Raubs, Pascal Cuhat, Ryley Barnett, Will Doyle


Congrats to these wrestlers for competing this past weekend and investing in their future!


Coach Curran